“Together for the future” – Forum of NGOs of European Union and Russia

Friday, November 17, 2006 to Monday, November 20, 2006

November 18-19, 2006, Lahti (Finland)
November 20-21, 2006, St. Petersburg (Russia)

The Forum gathered specialists from European Union connected with Russia to discuss together with the most important Russian partners the future forms and opportunities for cooperation between European Union and Russia at the level of civil society. The Forum gave an opportunity to exchange opinions in four fields of cooperation.
The EU regards Russia as its strategic partner. Genuine partnership presupposes active contacts at the civil society level. Civil society organizations have already developed networks to a certain point within the Barents and Baltic Sea region and Russian organizations took part in this process. Within the European Union there yet had not been organized meetings for experts on civil society connected with Russia to discuss together with Northwestern region of Russia and at the federal level the questions of networking as well as the development of cooperation.
The aims of the Forum are:
  • to gather NGOs from EU countries cooperating with Russia and their Russian partners at Lahti on November 17-18, 2006;
  • to introduce EU NGOs to each other and to Russian NGOs;
  • to give NGOs opportunity to bring forward their views and create their own agenda concerning different issues in EU;
  • to produce mutual partnership, networks and create project ideas for future cooperation;
  • to give recommendations to EU in the field of developing cooperation between NGOs and creating networks with other parts of civil society.
The forum took place at Lahti (Finland), on November 17-18, 2006. On the 19-20th of November part of the participants visited St. Petersburg and got acquainted with the activities of Russian NGOs.
The forum is organized by “Finland-Russia” society and Aleksanteri Institute at Helsinki University.
Detailed information is available at: http://www.venajaseura.com/lahtiforum/