Welcome to the website of "Association for cooperation with Baltic Sea countries "NORDEN"!

NGO “Association for co-operation with Baltic sea countries "NORDEN” was established in 1996.

Mission of the organization: Development and support of international co-operation between North-Western part of Russia, Nordic and Baltic countries in the field of civil society development, culture, humanitarian and professional relationships.

Coverage area: Baltic Sea region.

Association implements international projects in co-operation with partner NGOs in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, in the North-West region of the Russian Federation, including Pskov, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk and Archangelsk.

Association works in close interaction with St-Petersburg City Administration and Leningrad region Administration. In the framework of projects’ implementation Association performs as the organizer of conferences, round tables, discussion meetings and other international events oriented on the improvement of international cooperation in the region of the Baltic Sea. Annually "NORDEN" implements projects under European Union and Nordic Council of Ministers program lines.

During last 10 years NORDEN Association has been national Russian coordinator (focal point) for Baltic Sea NGO Forum.



The Project on intercultural museum cooperation


The Novgorod’s burial mounds are the oldest witnesses for the Nordic-Slavic relationships from the VIII – IX centuries located around the lake Ilmen’. These “Pyramids of the North” – resting-places of the first Old Russia’s leaders are direct analogues of Scandinavian barrows. The appearance of the hundreds of burial mounds in Novgorod oblast’ and Staraya Ladoga had become a result of the active connections of Scandinavian and Slavic people, united in VIII century by the famous trade route “The way from Varangians to Greeks”.

Miniatura                                     Rerih

Древнерусская летописная миниатюра                  Рерих Н.К. "Заморские гости". 1901 г.

XIV в, отправка Рюриком

в 862 г. из Новгорода Аскольда и Дира в Киев 


The overall objective of the Project is to facilitate cooperation in the field of culture between Russian Federation (Great Novgorod region, Staraya Ladoga), Sweden and Denmark based on the common rich historical background from Viking époque. To raise the awareness of the Russian and North-European citizens about common historical roots and rich cultural heritage is one of the Project’s tasks.

Geographically the Project is focused in Batetsky region of Novgorod oblast’ where a complex of archeological monuments with historical name “Peredolsky Pogost” had been discovered during excavation works from in 1970 -2000, it includes well-known SHUM GORA, unique both in terms of size and shape.  

The leading Nordic museums dealing with Viking times, namely, Gotland Museum from Sweden, Vejle Museum and Roskilde Museum from Denmark together with leading Russian archeological experts and researches participate in the Project as a partners or associated partners. To establish a network and long term partnerships between them for future cooperation and joint activities is one of the Project’s objectives.  The result of such cooperation in the framework of the Project will be the establishment of the first in Russia open air archeological site museum of Viking Age on the territory of 2, 5 hectare where interactive forms of museum activity – Living History reconstruction are going to be run as well.

The site museum in Batetsky region together with already existing Rurikovo Gorodishe and “Slavic Villiage” in Lubyatino will become a new touristic destination attractive for cultural travelers both from Russia and Nordic-Baltic countries - will be promoted as a complex of cultural heritage from Viking Age related to The Way from Varangian to Greeks”. To learn how to run locally based museum and how to promote local cultural destinations and to use culture as a motor for the regional development will be possible by transfer knowledge and experience from Nordic experts. 


Интерактивное шоу, ШУМ ГОРА, Батецкий, 2011 


Археологические находки культовых серебряных предметов скандинавского происхождения на Рюриковом Городище под Новгородом


ApplicantAssociation for Cooperation with North Europe Countries “Norden”,

Interregional non-government organisation

E-mail: norden@norden.spb.ru,Phone: +7 812 272 01 34, Web-site: www.norden.spb.ru

Contact person: Daria Akhutina                                                                                      

Partner 1:  Regional NGO “Novgorod Society for Antiquities”

E-mail address: greatbridge@yandex.ru Contact person: Troyanovskiy Sergey

Partner 2:  The Danish Cultural Institute (Denmark)

E-mail address: rh@sp.ru    Web-site: www.dankultur.dk Contact person: Rikke Helms

Partner 3:  Non-profit partnership “Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod”

Isak Freydman info@visitnovgorod.ru

Partner 4:  Administration Batetsky municipal area of the Novgorod region

Svetlana Gorshkova admin@batetsky.ru

Partner 5:  Norden, Svensk förening för nordiskt samarbete (Sweden)

Anders Bergström, anders.bergstrom@norden.se

Partner 6:  The Gotland Museum (Sweden)

Ulrika Mebus, Ulrika.mebus@gotlandsmuseum.se

Partner 7:  The Vejle Museum


Charlotta Lindblom, vkn@vejle.dk